Top 10 Excuses to Not Homeschool

Here are my top 10 excuses parents give to not homeschool their child. While some of these excuses have some validity (that can be worked through successfully), many are based on myths or just not having enough information to make an informed decision to homeschool.


1. It will hurt “someone’s” feelings. Yes, it might. But that someone is not your child. If you feel that homeschooling is the best fit for your family, give “someone” a hug (or a certain finger sign) and move on.

2. I’m not smart enough. Of course you are! You’ve gotten this far, right? Honestly, you can learn alongside your kids or use the multitude of teacher resources available. See my post about outsourcing your child’s learning. 

3. My kids hate school. I don’t want them to direct those feelings to me. Take a minute and ask your kids WHAT they hate about school. Odds are it will come down to meaningless rules, standing in line and silent lunches. If you are pulling children out of school to homeschool, allow at least one month per year of traditional school “off” to let them adjust.

4. I hate math/science/history. Odds are you had mediocre teachers. You will be surprised as you learn these subjects again with your children. They will make sense and actually hold your interest.

5. I don’t want my kids to be weird/have no friends.  All kids are weird. Some kids have buckets of friends, others struggle to find one good one. It’s true no matter where your children attend school. Homeschooling allows you to have some control without totally isolating your child. Nowadays, there are so many options during the day (not just after school) for your kid to socialize and make friends.

6. My kids have been waiting to be old enough to ride on the school bus. Believe it or not, most school districts will let your child ride the bus provided you meet him at the drop-off place. Kids are generally not as enthralled by the ride as they thought they’d be.

7. My child has special needs. Homeschooling does not exempt you from receiving services. Check with your school district. Be persistent and get an advocate. Read my post on homeschooling a special needs child.

8. We still have to pay property taxes and homeschooling is not tax-deductible. Yes. This is true. Homeschooling is not a bargain, even if you do it inexpensively (which most do). Take a look at your state’s per student expenditure versus your property taxes. You really think you can’t do better on test scores or actual learning?

9. My child wants to be an artist. I have nothing to offer. Your local school might have something to offer. Check. Many, many schools will allow homeschool kids to attend one or two specific classes after school.  If not, google artists in your area. Many are happy to offer affordable art lessons to one or a group of homeschoolers.

10. My husband envisions our child earning a sports scholarship. The time to think about this is late middle school/early high school (even if you live in highly competitive states like Texas, California, and Florida that take sports very seriously!).  Planning any earlier is a waste of your time and resources. Homeschoolers can compete in high school sports in most states. Sometimes you have to fill out a stack of paperwork, but you can do that. No matter where your child attends school, put money aside for college. Think of a sports scholarship as an unexpected bonus. Focus on academics, test scores, and community service. These three things offer a larger pay-off to the larger percentage of student athletes.


Do you have any excuses that you’ve heard or thought yourself about why you shouldn’t homeschool? Leave a comment and let everyone know!

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