Meet Niki

I’m Niki, a busy wife, mom, educator, entrepreneur, and creator of I share homeschooling advice, resources, printables, curriculum choices, books and more. I’m also the founder of That Homeschool Life, two other businesses, and a growing Youtube channel.

My mission is to debunk and redefine homeschooling in the 21st century. That means I'm here to make the challenging and mundane parts of your homeschool day easier and smoother by positively adjusting your mindset, establishing routines, creating systems, and fostering peace in your home(school).

Whew! That's a lot.

So let me be honest.

I didn’t always have my homeschooling-ish together. In fact, I stumbled and struggled my way through a cloud of confusion, loneliness, and anxiety. Oh yeah, mix in having a child diagnosed with autism and the overwhelming feeling of being solely responsible for my children's education. It was all on me. I silently carried that burden for a few years until I read one book titled, Mindset, by Carol Dweck. Absolute GAME CHANGER for me. No longer did I feel that heavy weight on my shoulders cloaked as mom, wife, educator, business owner, and homemaker. The weight was certainly still there, but my reaction to it had shifted.  It short, it was a big mindset shift and new routines that helped me to define what true home management meant for my family.

Let me ask you something...

∘Do you want to create a successful homeschool haven?

∘Are you overwhelmed, confused, or need to reset a ho-hum homeschool life?

∘Are you perhaps just a little bit crazy (or a whole lot)?

∘Are you ready to start living your happiest homeschool life?!

Well then...


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"I had to move away from perfectionism and embrace
homeschooling for what it truly is:
a cultivation of joy, peace, and discovery in my home,
with my kids, and within myself."

I started That Homeschool Life as an inspirational guide and lifejacket to moms (and dads, grandparents, and just whomever) who doubt their ability to educate their children. My goal was to empower women to embrace the value and joy of homeschooling without succumbing to homeschool dogma, myths, trends, and burnout.

That Homeschool Life is here for the married moms and the single moms. The new moms and the veteran moms. We embrace your homeschool approaches. At the end of the day, we’re all different and yet all the same. We aim to meet you where you are, not just in your homeschool 'hood, but in motherhood and womanhood as well. Everything is connected and with the right mindset everything can be connected with peace, grace, and a lot of good laughs.

Take action! Decide today that you want to have and maintain a positive and thriving homeschool journey and then reach for YOUR own version of success.
It's not too much to ask.

What do you need to work on first?

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