Take the fear and mystery out of homeschooling!

In the Homeschool Like You Mean It Academy, we'll break down homeschooling into small, practical steps that you can apply to your homeschool life


Raise your hand if ANY of the following apply to you:

You get discouraged trying to choose the "right" homeschool curriculum, teaching approach, etc.

You feel overwhelmed at how to simultaneously teach multiple ages and grades successfully.

You wonder how to realistically lesson plan and schedule your homeschool day.

If any of this sounds like you, consider enrolling in the...


Let's take this homeschooling journey together!

Niki, what will I learn in this course?

These are just some of the topics we'll explore in the Homeschool Like You Mean It Academy:

- Socialization
- Homeschool Laws
- Choosing Curriculum
- Testing and Assessments
- High School Homeschool
- Schedules and Planning
- Homeschool Teaching Methods
- Special Needs (learning disabled, gifted, 2e)


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Here's what you get in Homeschool Like You Mean It

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Is it Legal to Homeschool?
Lesson 3: A History of Homeschooling in the U.S.A.
Lesson 4: Lapbook, Co-op, Spiral, Manipulatives, Spine, etc. - Homeschool Jargon
--Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

MODULE 2: Nurturing a HOMESCHOOL MINDSET---> There are pros and cons to every decision, consider what a decision to homeschool could mean to your family
Lesson 1: Emotional Mindset: What is your personality and how will that impact homeschooling? Do you have realistic expectations?
Lesson 2: Family and Social Mindset: What does your immediate family think of homeschooling?
Lesson 3: Financial Mindset: Can we afford to homeschool?
Lesson 4: Legal Mindset: Know the laws in your state
Lesson 5: Lifestyle Mindset: Get the basics under control
Lesson 6: Teacher Mindset: Can you really educate your children without a teaching degree?
--Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

MODULE 3: Okay, I've decided to homeschool. Now what?---> Planning your homeschool
Lesson 1: First day of homeschool. What do we do all day?
Lesson 2: Rethinking the day
Lesson 3: Fine-tuning your family's schedule
Lesson 4: Organizing your year backwards
Lesson 5: Weekly planning
Lesson 6: Daily Routine
-- Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

MODULE 4: Homeschool Scenarios 
Lesson 1: Homeschooling Multiple Ages/Grades
Lesson 2: Handling Disruptive Behaviors
Lesson 3: Starting Homeschool MidYear
Lesson 4: Switching Curriculum MidYear
Lesson 5: Homeschooling the Special Needs Child
Lesson 5: Homeschooling the Only Child
Lesson 6: Homeschooling and the Working Parent/Single Parent
--Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

MODULE 5 : HOMESCHOOLING STYLES ---> How you homeschool is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Embrace your unique personality, educational philosophy, and your kids' strengths
Lesson 1: Charlotte Mason: Focus on children to play, create, and learn in real-life situations.
Lesson 2: Classical: Trivium
Lesson 3: Eclectic/Relaxed: For the parent who desires a relaxed approach while picking the best from each homeschool style
Lesson 4: School-at-Home: For the parent who wants to open a box of curriculum and go
Lesson 5: Unit Studies:
Lesson 6: Unschooling: For the parent who values child interest-led learning
Lesson 7: World Schooling:
Lesson 8: Waldorf/Montessori:
-- Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

MODULE 6 : Getting Organized
Lesson 1: Location is EVERYTHING!
Lesson 2: Education happens everywhere
Lesson 3: Create an atmosphere
Lesson 4: Keeping distractions at bay
--Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

Lesson 1: Different Types of Homeschool Curriculum
Lesson 2: All-in-One
Lesson 3: Online
Lesson 4: Single Subject
Lesson 5: Cross-Curricular
Lesson 6: Real-Life Skills
Lesson 7: Keeping Track of Curriculum
--Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

MODULE 8: Lesson Planning
Lesson 1: Different Types of Homeschool Curriculum
Lesson 2: All-in-One
Lesson 3: Online
Lesson 4: Single Subject
Lesson 5: Cross-Curricular
Lesson 6: Real-Life Skills
Lesson 7: Keeping Track of Curriculum
-- Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

Module 9: Homeschool Burnout
Lesson 1: Caring for yourself
Lesson 2: Dealing with a messy house
Lesson 3: Executive decision making fatigue
-- Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

Module 10: Socialization
Lesson 1: Defining socialization
Lesson 2: Building a tribe for you and your child
Lesson 3: Joining (or starting) a homeschool group
Lesson 4: Think outside the box
-- Summary + Assignment + Resources + Quiz

Plus two BONUS Workshops