Easy Back-to-School Activities for Homeschoolers


It’s that time of year again, back to school! Although some homeschoolers do year-round educational plans, those that stick to the August-May schedule are gearing up for the new school year upon us! The back-to-school season is a reason to celebrate, and easing into it with fun, easy activities will help you celebrate without the added exhaustion.


Does your homeschooling space need a bit of a makeover? Take down those old papers, schedules, and pictures. It’s the perfect time to create a unique working space for your child! Start with a fun back-to-school decorating activity that allows the kids to create a fun space that they’ll continue to enjoy working in!

It’s also a fun surprise to decorate your child’s homeschool space with balloons, streamers, or posters before they wake up. They’ll love the surprise and be excited to engage in a fun day of learning.


Don’t worry about the envy of seeing all the fun back-to-school photos that your friends and family are posting all over social media. Back-to-school for homeschoolers is the perfect time to go out and take some photos for yourself! You can take traditional photos like in front of your house or in your homeschool space, or you can go to the park, take a field trip, go to the community center and take fun photos there. Feel free to use your imagination and create back-to-school photos that will last a lifetime!

Do a Little Back-To-School Shopping Together

After the rush of traditional schoolers getting their supplies, retailers put everything on sale! Now is the best time to take advantage of that and stock up on your much-needed school supplies. Have the kids join you in the store and pick out their favorite notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers – whatever you will need for the upcoming year! This allows your child the sense of ownership in their education. You can even create a fun math lesson by providing a budget and having your child help create a list that sticks to the allotted amount.

Create New Notebook Covers

Many homeschooling parents utilizing three-ringinders for their children’s educational plan. A fun back to school activity that children of all ages can enjoy is creating a fun cover for their notebook. For the younger kids, create a pattern or printable that they can color in. As they get older, allow them to utilize their creative freedom! Drawing, coloring, painting, or even graphic design on the computer that you can print out are all wonderful ways to get your kids excited to see the new notebook for their upcoming educational year.

All About Me Activity

This is a great way to see how much your child changes over the course of each year. Depending on their age, find appropriate activities for your child to express themselves and share about their likes, dislikes, and create portraits of themselves. Another great option during this activity is to allow the child to interview you. They can ask you funny and silly questions to learn more about their favorite teacher!

Kick off Back-To-School with a Fun Breakfast or Lunch!

When your children wake up and are ready to start their first day, have them kickstart their new school year with a healthy but fun menu! From silly faced pancakes to a build your own sushi bar, the options are limitless. Have your kids join in by helping pick out their favorite ideas, then allow them to work with you in the kitchen to create their special back-to-school meal.

Pick a Fun Game

There are numerous educational games that you can play with your child for the first day of school. Card games, math games, riddles and more! Have a few options for your child to choose from, and spend some time playing and learning together.

Don’t Forget to Take a Dance Break

As the new school year begins, don’t let the structure get to you. Plan an awesome dance break or two for your kids throughout the day to provide a respite from the learning and ease them back into the educational process. Pick a mix of their favorite songs and party it up. After all, homeschool should be an enjoyable process for everyone, so enjoy the fun!


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