Create a homeschool you
want to wake up to each day.

I'm Niki.

Whether you're just getting started with homeschooling or you're a veteran looking to overhaul a non-productive learning environment, homeschooling can be a daunting endeavor!

Especially when it happens unexpectedly.

So, if you're considering homeschooling, you're new to homeschooling, or you need to refocus your homeschooling imprint, I want to be your guide.

But First!

Answer the questions below to see which category (or categories - no judgement!) relates to you.

Are You...

Who Can Benefit From a Homeschool Consultation?

There are a few reasons you might want a consulting session whether you're a homeschool veteran or you've just started homeschooling 5 minutes ago.

Just know that you can have multiple reasons for deciding to homeschool! Read on to see if you can benefit from a consultation.

New to Homeschooling
(By choice or Covid "forced")

For families just starting their homeschool journey, we'll tackle the basics from how to know the homeschool laws of your state to how to get started homeschooling right away. We will focus on organization, curriculum choices, creating routines, and more.

Veteran Homeschoolers
Looking to Make a Change

Over the years we have used many different homeschool approaches, methods, curricula, and more throughout our educational journey. During that time, I have also developed courses for our kids based on their interests and learning styles.
If you're looking to change what you're currently doing in your homeschool, I can help you reboot to start strong and fresh.

Beginning Homeschooling
When a Child
Has Been in Public/Private School

Starting to homeschool after a student has spent time in a traditional school presents a unique situation. Many families fall into this category. We'll create several ways to transition from the conventional classroom to the home education environment.

Specific Question(s)
Needing Nuanced Answers

Responding to email questions, Youtube comments, and Instagram messages can be time consuming and it can leave you with more questions.  A quick and focused one-on-one session can give you an opportunity to get a more nuanced or tailored answer to some of your most urgent and/or time-sensitive questions.

California Homeschooler

You homeschool in California and terms like PSP, PSA, Charter Homeschools, A-G courses, Dual Enrollment, etc. baffle you. You also would like to know the homeschool high school guidelines for college requirements to the UCs and CSUs.

Not Looking for a One-on-One Guide Right Now?

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