Create a Homeschool Routine in 3 Easy Steps!

Create a Homeschool Routine in 3 Easy Steps!

I often think that if all I had to do today was the kids’ school it would be so easy. I would take my time and we would linger over read alouds. We would do the extra long science experiments and go to the park for a picnic lunch.

But I’m not just a homeschool teacher. I’m a mom, a wife, a chauffeur, a counselor, a nurse when someone has a boo-boo, a cook, and many more. This isn’t even including my work-from-home business. That’s enough to lose your mind but I’m here to share my three quick routines to help maintain peace and order.


Some days it seems impossible to get it all done, and that’s just the necessary and most important stuff. Having a routine or a homeschool schedule can be a lifesaver. I love a natural flow and order to my days. It creates a peace in my home as we all flow together in the same direction.



Your homeschool schedule should fit your life. It should be flexible and yet stable. I actually prefer a routine rather than a schedule. The difference is that a routine is a certain order or pattern to things and a schedule is usually based around certain times.

I believe your routine should work for you and not you work for it. I tried it the other way for years and it was only frustrating. We are not in a public school environment where only school is happening. Life happens and one of the things that I love about homeschooling is that we get to experience life every day and not rush through it.



I like to have a block of time that we do school in every day. It doesn’t have to be exact, just a four-hour window when all I focus on is educating my children. While I tend to think of life as a constant flow of learning opportunities, I like to have a time dedicated to school.

Whether we start at 8, 9, or 10, we do two hours for my younger kids and four hours for my older ones. Afternoons are for independent learning activities (reading, sports, projects, art, music). I also like to have an “end time”. No school takes place after 3 pm.

What is your best time of day? Do you have a family of early birds or night owls? Choose to do school when you are at your best. I know a woman who does school only in the afternoon.

Decide if you want to do easiest or hardest subjects first. This varies depending on my kids’ personalities. Alternating between thinking and doing subjects keeps your mind fresh and figuring in regular breaks keeps boredom from setting in. We like to have a play break an hour in, for the little ones and a lunch break around 11:30. Educational videos or apps can help break up the day, as well.

Life changes and so will your schedule but having a goal can empower you to accomplish…well, at least most of it today. Be flexible and enjoy your days and maybe you’ll even find some time to fit in that picnic after all.

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