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Are you a Homeschool Mama too?

Each year we grow in ranks! We’re taking control of our children's education and shaping their lives to become happy, well-adjusted human beings. You’ll know us by the 5+ different math textbooks on the shelf, microscope slides on the kitchen counter, and a gigantic history timeline or map tacked onto a much-too-small wall. We sleep on stacks of Rainbow Resource catalogs and spill morning coffee or tea on last-minute lesson plans.

We can use erasable colored pens with the best of them and we are world renowned for turning a simple outdoor jaunt into a rewarding educational field trip. Most important, we’re here to make sure our kids grow up in a positive world full of opportunities, curiosity, creativity, and our values. We’ve got our park days and online homeschool forums and we aren’t afraid to use them.

We are homeschoolers and we’re taking our families' education back!


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